Skyserv Handling Services Awarded IATA ISAGO Registration

Skyserv Handling Services, a Marfin Investment Group member, following the successful completion of its Corporate and Station audit in Athens, Greece, has been awarded the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO).

ISAGO is a standardized and structured audit program of Ground Service Provides (GSP).

Modeled on the success of IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit), it uses internationally recognized ground operational standards and recommended practices. The audit is conducted by highly trained and experienced auditors.

ISAGO provides GSP’s with a model for operational risk and safety management in their organizations and for the first time there is a system for registration and sharing of audit results.

ISAGO offers benefits to airlines, ground handlers, regulatory as well as airport authorities. Among them, safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries, elimination of redundant audits, reduced costs, less damage, a uniform audit process and harmonized standards, improved safety oversight, harmonized auditor training and qualifications, improved quality standards, enhanced understanding of high-risk areas within ground operations.

Skyserv Handling Services, former Olympic Handling is actively present at 37 Greek Airports, supplying its clients with a wide range of ground handling services. Skyserv Handling Services is committed to continuous improvement which is expressed in all aspects of its operations, aiming to offer a safe product and high quality services to its customer airlines.

Skyserv will take all necessary actions aiming to achieve continuous improvement of its operational aspects by setting targets for additional network Station certification.

In 2013, Skyserv served 67.500 flights, carrying 8, 5 million passengers, 8.500 tons of Cargo, 138.000 Lounge guests with an average on-time performance of 99, 55%.